H2O International proudly uses eJudged.com, a state-of-the-art application that calculates results in real-time. Blending the ease of a mobile app with a synchronized paperless system, eJudged provides car show event managers with a time-saving practice that increases efficiency while decreasing overhead. This application streamlines and smooths out the judging process, enhancing the success of show promoters, managers and entrants. eJudged has the ability to revolutionize the car show industry, all while producing valuable vehicle analytics.

Judges Wanted!


H2O International is looking for people to judge the show cars. You need to have knowledge and appreciation of showcars and the work necessary to build and maintain a competitive showcar.

*You may enter your showcar but will not be able to judge your own class. You will be teamed with another judge.

Judges will be paid $50, served lunch and receive a t-shirt.

You are required to attend a judges meeting on Sunday at 11:00.
If you are interested in judging please join us for the meeting on Sunday @ 11AM.

Payment will be administered at an Exit Meeting immediately follow the show...

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