A brief guide to Thrusting vibrators

If you’re a regular user of dildos, you would know how exhausting it could be to shove the dildo in and out every single time. Not only is it tiring for the hands, but it is kinda boring to look at if you use it in foreplay sessions. Thanks to modern technology, sex toys have become more and more lifelike and realistic. Thrusting vibrators take our pleasure to the next level. These sex toys can move in and out as you lie back and enjoy yourself.  Those who wish to do less work during solo play can allow their dildo or vibrator to do all the work for them.

What is a thrusting vibrator?

A thrusting dildo or a thrusting vibrator has a mechanism that creates a, well, thrusting motion.

According to the sexologist Angel Russell:


“The motor causes the toy to move up and down to give the sensation that thrusting during sex might give, without you actually doing any thrusting with your hands.

Other vibrators have the mechanisms that offer the vibration speeds and patterns, but a thrusting toy adds the motion that other toys don’t come with.”


So in simple words, the thrusting vibrator is a sex toy that has the ability to move in and out of the orifice on its own. This is distinct from sex machines which are huge devices that need to be fixed on a point for them to function. Thrusting vibes, on the other hand, are just portable devices one can use to please themselves with, just like a dildo.


Furthermore, If you’re a sucker for double stimulation, a rabbit-style thrusting vibrator will be your best friend. It targets not only your clitoris but also simultaneously thrusts inside you, potentially hitting your G-Spot. This creates one of our favorite combinations: the dual blended orgasm.


How do you use a thrusting vibrator?


One of my favorite things about thrusters is their ease of use.

Simply turn it on, position it accordingly (either vaginally, anally, or other), and enjoy.

The thruster does all the work. If you are unable to use your hands as freely or easily during solo play, this is an excellent option for you!

Plus, you’re able to switch up the vibrator easily because the majority of thrusters give the user the ability to adjust vibration and thrusting functions separately.


How to choose a thrusting vibrator?


If you’re looking for a thrusting sex toy, Russell suggests finding something made of body-safe, medical-grade silicone.

Here are some quick rules you can use:

  • Biosafe silicon toys
    Check the packaging for words like ‘nonporous’ and ‘phthalate-free’ before dropping big bucks on a toy that looks pretty but may harm your body. Porous toys like jelly toys can house bacteria and are generally harder to clean.
  • Check how noisy the toy is at its highest setting.
    Some thrusting adult toys are noisy, so you may want to look for something advertised explicitly as quiet or discreet.
  • Modes of operations
    Some girls prefer to have multiple modes of functions with vibrations and thrusting, while some prefer it to be just a single mode.
  • Rechargeable
    Having a USB rechargeable thrusting vibrator is always a plus. Heckling for batteries every other day is undoubtedly tedious, so it’s better to go for the rechargeable or plugged-in versions.


My favorite thrusting vibrators


I have used a number of thrusting vibrators. To be fair, most are rather disappointing. So here are my top 3 favorites when it comes to thrusting sex toys:


  1. Kira Thrusting Vibe
    This sleek silicone G-spot vibrator’s curved, thrusting shaft allows the bulbous head to caress the G-spot, and the clit stimulator has a convenient rabbit ears-and-nose design to ensure your clit gets all the attention it needs.
  2. California Dreaming Orange County Cutie
    Visually, this vibrator will make you feel like you’re at the beach: The head is indented and curved like a shell, and the clitoral stimulator looks almost like a fin, with flexible arms to tickle different places on your clit. The toy not only thrusts at three speeds but also buzzes with 10 vibration speeds. The curve of the head is designed for G-spot pleasure.
  3. Shameless Tease
    This rabbit vibe’s rounded, ridged head, smooth silicone shaft, and little ears make it ideal for combined G-spot and clitoral stimulation, which can lead to blended orgasms. You can cycle between three thrusting levels and seven vibration functions to make sure you get all the stimulation you need.


Be aware that thrusting vibrators tend to be really addictive, so use them with caution! These thrusting vibrators will surely make your night or break your bed. Either way, these are some power-packed sex toys that you indeed love.,