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Discover the event that will never die.

H2Oi – The Event of the Year

It all started about two decades ago. It was a laid back event for VW and Audi enthusiasts – watercooled vehicles, as well as vehicles from other cultures.

These days, H2Oi is one of the most attractive car shows in the world. Apart from VW and Audi, visitors can also admire other EUR cars, as well as American and JDM vehicles or supercars.

Commitment to the community

The H2Oi event is a commitment to the VW and Audi community in the USA and not only, but over the past years, it has become a prolific international show that continues to grow.

People from all over the world bring their cars over, not to mention the visitors who gather to admire classic cars, supercars and fine tuning.

Our goals

The H2Oi event has grown along the watercooled VW and Audi vehicles. We have managed to turn it into an international show and we keep growing.

Enjoy the expositions on site, modern cars, extreme tuning projects, competitions, beautiful girls and drag races in a unique event.


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