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H2O Watercooled VW/Audi Event

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A mix of VWs & Audi brought to new standards

The so called laid back show introduces the audience to some of the finest VWs and Audi in the USA – and not only.

Get ready to explore features, ideas and futuristic solutions for your vehicle.

Discover fine tuning details that you have only seen in movies.

There will be competitions for participants, as well as visitors.

Why visit us

A once in a lifetime event

A well tuned car will attract both car enthusiasts and random people. Our participants will bring in exquisite modifications that you have never seen before.

Years in the media

Before & After Tuning

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You can buy tickets from us or official retailers.



Bring your own car and join our numerous competitions.



Drive the car of your dreams with a professional next to you.


From people who attend our shows

It is definitely a show for car enthusiasts of all ages – competitions, drifts, stunning cars. Come over and you will not regret it.

Mark Johnson

You will love it here. Bring your kid and your partner, even if they are not into cars. It is definitely a great outdoor event that you will love.

Ashley Brimble

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The Comprehensive Guide on Green Thai Kratom

Kratom is a tropical tree, mainly found in South East Asia. This tree belongs from the coffee family and the scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. Since 19th century it has been used as a traditional medicine in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. Kratom is used for the medical reasons, such as immunity boosting, immune system stimulation, pain reliever, mood improvement and feel happiness, improving the sexual performance. In addition, Kratom is also used for the treatment of diarrhoea, diabetes, fever, and hypertension.

Green Vein Thai Kratom is a Kratom plant extract, which is characterized by the green vain. It is obtained from South East Asia, specially grown in Thailand. Just the name recommended, it gets the name from the green vain found on Kratom leaves. These greens vain of the Kratom leaves are different from the other stains, and it is the most important characteristic of Green Thai Kratom. Kratom Green Vain Thai is one of the best Kratom strains, which we can found easily in market and it is helpful for many health benefits.

The effects of Green Thai Kratom:

Some of very important factors about Green Thai Kratom have already proven to be of awesome help to the users.  Here are some points below:

  • Social anxiety or depression killer- Maybe the most usual reason to use the Green Thai Kratom is helped to increase the confidence level. The Green Vein Thai initiates the procedure by increasing the personal confidence. It makes the customer performance better, noticeable, and also appreciated for individual own work and other essentials for socialization factor.
  • Mood Improver: If someone wants to improvise his/her mood than relying on Green Thai Kratom is a good decision. The Thai Green Vein Kratom has a delighted effect that depends on the individual’s tolerance.  The dosage that a person intake maybe increased to get to reach a euphoric level and also most of the people experienced the optimism considerable level.  Thai Green Vein Kratom is very helpful to better the mood just by dinking the awesome Thai Green Vain as a tea.
  • Induces a good feeling of well-being: The productive effects of Thai Green Vein also include the mental clarity, focuses on work, improve, and motivate the cognitive functions. These brilliant effects are best experienced on the use of medium dose. People suggest many times that the Green Thai is the best Kratom stain for regular use.
  • The mind relaxation: The natural temper improving the best effective vains of Green Thai Kratom also provides person calmness. The total good effects of Green Thai work at the same time and increase the positivism, and also boost the mental state along with the tropic boost. There is very low space for any kind of mental stress or mind exertion to stay.
  • Boost the energy level: Just a little increase in dose brings the most valid effect of the Green Thai Kratom that goes from mood enhancing or mood swings to energetic improvement. Based on medical use, the best remedy is Green Vein Thai Kratom stain, and it is very practical and convenient choice for many people.

Many buyers like to use this Green Thai Kratom on daily basis to get some energy to get rid a difficult or busy day. People can use this as only one dose of Green Thai Kratom powder or as a capsule in the morning. It is great to make the hectic day very easy going. Buyer can also split the dose and intake this twice a day to get the results of long- lasting.

  • Relief from the pain: The Thai Green Kratom is not only used as a pain killer but also used as moderate to severe dose to relief all types of pain, either chronic or acute pain. Pain due to illness like osteoporosis or arthritis is very manageable by the using of Green Thai stain of Kratom.

The Dosage of Green Thai Kratom:

To recommend standard dosage, many factors is important and come under consideration. For example, sex, age and any previous experience with Kratom, intake level of the dosage.

The Kratom Green Vein Thai is one of the best potent Kratom materials in market. The perfect amount of dose level is very important for every individual.  For many people, a small dose normally in between 1.0 to 3.0 grams is best. People can take one teaspoon on regular basis. For increase the effect of Green Thai Vain, people can use the medium dose between 3.0 to 5.0 grams for best result.

People can intake one teaspoon medium dose on daily basis. Only experienced users can take a high amount of dose that is more than 5 grams normally. People can drink it on one or two teaspoons. But it is not suggested that not take any dose more than 10.0 grams at any reason as it may bring many problems and undesirable effects.

Reviews of Green Thai Kratom:

If any buyers check about it online, then they can easily know about Green Thai. All the online Kratom sites have active value point on Green Vain Thai. It is represents that how popular it is among people. Many people are very much happy and satisfied with it and their experienced is really valuable.

Users share their experiences that the effect of mood enhancing is really working, relaxing and very enjoyable.  Another buyer rates this product to the best among all different six stains for pain relief, boost the energy, euphoric properties and motivation. Most of the Kratom users very happy and regardless of previous Kratom experience and they suggest the Green Thai Vain is very positive among the other products. All the customers review shows that the Green Thai Kratom to be highly recommended stain.

The result from Kratom Green Vein Thai have been testified by real user. Just make sure that the Kratom is pure and genuine. If one is already on medication, it should be better to consult with doctors or healthcare practitioners to avoid any kind of possible problems or side effects and one need to follow the dosage.

Red Borneo Kratom – Effects and Dosage

Mitragnya Speciosa is a tree grown naturally over the years, a native to the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia which is the source of Red Borneo Kratom. Red Borneo Kratom is considered to be a more relaxing strain than others. This strain has some opioid properties and stimulant effects leading to long lasting relaxation to the body.

Red Vein Borneo Kratom can be used as supplement or pharmaceutical painkiller, depression, and stress reliever. This tree is related to a coffee plant. Wondering why is it called Red Borneo Kratom? It gets its title from the land it grows and the color of its leave veins which are red. It is mostly grown on the river path and harvesting mostly takes place in Indonesia.

Red Borneo Kratom Dosage

To start with the dosage, it is important to know that it differs from body to body because everybody has their own body chemist’s. However, the effects of Red Vein Borneo last about 5-6 hours on the average. Powder or capsule or gum which is properly grinded will increase the length of duration so opting for quality Kratom is considered a plus point for users as the courser grind takes longer to break down.

Taking the Red Borneo is most preferred in the afternoon after work or any other activity as it is a relaxing strain. Taking it in the morning may make someone feel drowsy during the daytime and it will be difficult to get along with the day. At different dosage it produces different effects. Therefore, this is divided into the following stages:

  • Beginner or mild level dose may take 1-2 grams per consumption.
  • Regular level dose may take 3-5 grams per consumption.
  • High level or Red Vein Borneo Kratom dose may take 5-6 grams per consumption.
  • Extremely high-level dose may take above 6 gram, but this is not recommended.

For newbies it is better to take the beginner level or mild dose and not to jump directly into high dose as it can be harmful. For regular users it is most preferred to take around 5 grams per consumption as this is considered the safe dose. Red Borneo Kratom can be taken along with some flavored juice for great taste and pleasure.

Red Borneo Kratom Effects

High percentage of mitragynine alkaloids makes the Borneo Red Vein Kratom more beneficial than other kratom strains. The effects of Red Borneo Kratom are listed below:

  • Relaxation effect: – Borneo Red Vein comes into effect helping the body relax in which depression, sleep problems, stress, anxiety, hypertension may be the causes. Sometimes, people prefer listening to music, taking a hot bath or going out with friends and family to help them overcome these problems but at times these tactics don’t work. Using Red Borneo Kratom can help overcome these problems.
  • Mood enhancement: – Corynoxine A and Corynoxine B present in Red Borneo Kratom reduces anxiety and improves one’s mood.For those who are in search of mood enhancer supplements, they may add Red Borneo Kratom in their list.
  • Red Vein Borneo Kratom effect: – Mitragynine and 7-Hydromitragynine present in Kratom Red Borneo is the reason it acts as a herb which is similar to opiate. The Red Vein Borneo induces the state of euphoria leading to overall well-being, happiness and feeling of joy.
  • Insomnia relief: – Borneo Red Kratom relaxes the muscles and brain nerves and calm someone. Moreover it sedate the body which will be able to treat insomnia disorder and improve sleep quality.

Red Borneo Kratom vs White Vein Kratom

Kratom Red Vein Borneo has red colored vein and leaves. It produces calmness, optimism, its extracts prevent withdrawal symptoms of opiate addicts. Some strains such as Red Thai or Red Vein Borneo has a sedative effect like the Red Samatra produces an elated mood. As with the other types of Kratom, the effects depends on the dose. The Red Vein produces in small dose a stimulating effect, but overall, the Red Vein strains are used to promote peace and tranquility.

White Vein Kratom is known as a mood enhancer and a stimulant. White Vein Kratom is increasingly taken instead of coffee for alertness, concentration, cheerfulness, motivation during working days where stress can take place. It is not advised to take White Vein Kratom during the evening as it may lead to restless sleep. It is a common practice to mix White Vein powder and Red Vein strains to achieve a more balanced boost of energy

Super White Kratom Guide

Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as kratom leaves, is a tropical evergreen tree belonging to the coffee familia. It can be widely found in the Indonesian region of Kalimantan, southeast Asia. It is seen usually just lying around the riverbanks and old growth rain forests of southeastern rain forests. Kratom inherits opioid properties and stimulant-like effects.

Super White Kratom is a hypernym for mature extracts of the ‘Mitragyna speciosa’. It is a white strain that originates from the matured white vein leaves, as super is indicative of a mature leaf of the plant’s life cycle. Any white strain can be basically made ‘SUPER WHITE’. It just has to have a more potent and long-lasting impact than its counterparts. Super white kratom is a botanical substance which has higher alkaloid content compared to the other forms. Hence the name and it’s long lasting capabilities.

Super White Kratom Benefits

Due to lack of proper research, the efficiency of Super Vein White Kratom is unknown as for now. The effects of the leaves vary with respect to the method of preparation and the blend used. But the benefits range in large numbers.

  • Sharp boost in energy: People who use Super White Kratom regularly claim that it spikes their energies up almost instantly and that they work more efficiently after the consumption than before.
  • Positive impact on mood: It is observed to implement positive reinforcements onto people who might be otherwise down.
  • Enhanced focus: The consumers have also encountered that they work more proficient post usage.
  • Opioid addiction relief: Super Vein White is prescribed for opioid addicts; it keeps them from relapse.
  • Pain relief: Experts also advise using Super White for pain relief.

In the regions where the plant is grown, White Super Vein Kratom is used in traditional medicines too. The leaves are chewed to relieve pain and increase energy and alleged to increase sexual desires akin to ‘coca’.

How to consume Super white Kratom

Kratom Super Vein White is ingested rather than smoked. Here are some of the ways the indulgers consume kratom.

  • Gulp it with water

This is the simplest and the quickest way possible. The user tips the powder gently into the mouth and swills it around and gulps it down with a glass of water.

  • With a tea or caffeinated beverage

This is another popular method to take Super white kratom. You boil the powder in hot water for about 30 minutes or so and strain the water and add it with any freshly brewed beverage. It seems like a long process, but this way the taste is better, and you can include this in your regular routine.

  • In capsule form

It is a convenient way to get it down your hatch without even a hint of the taste.

But buying Kratom Super White in capsule form is always a risk as it is prone to be adulterated or hoaxed.

Super White Kratom Alternatives

A lot of people find the impact of White Super Vein very strong or weak depending on the person using it. The effects vary with the type of strand used. But note-worthy alternatives that users have tried instead are

  • White Bali, White Hulu: These are the strands of Mitragyna speciosa, which are less strong, and the effects dry up quick.
  • White vitamin, White Maeng da: These are the ones which are more potent and stronger than the White super Kratom.

Does Super White Kratom get you a high?

Yes, it does give you a high. It is said to be giving an alcoholic intoxication kind of feeling. The consumers have experienced a ‘high’ similar to opioid abuse. The pupils turn pinpoint and you are pushed into a euphoric state.

Should I try Super White Kratom?

White Super Kratom has miraculous abilities like anxiety relieving and mood lighting. Having said that, abuse and improper dosage of kratom have also been proved lethal and having adverse effects. But anything in abundance is inherently bad. Consumer feedback has been positive mostly. People who tried it, claim that the music that they listen to everyday felt more beautiful.

After 5 to 10 minutes of consumption, the body apparently feels light and filled with energy. It also has been told to increase sociability and alertness.

It is said to have instant anxiety and pain-relieving capabilities.

It is prescribed for people with opioid addiction. Though it also is addictive in nature and overdose has been proven to cause dizziness, psychosis, and confusion. Using super white kratom in a controlled atmosphere with the prescribed precautions is very beneficial.


Source: laweekly

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